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Interview with Carolina Sánchez: Showroom Project Consultant

Auckland showroom timber finishes consultant

Welcome Carolina Sánchez

Carolina joins VidaSpace as a design consultant and is based in our Auckland Showroom. We asked her about her design inspirations and the most interesting project she has ever worked on.

What do you love about interior design?

I once heard the phrase “through design, I have lived many lives” and I think that is basically it. Each space, set of materials and textures, pieces of furniture, and accessories, take you to a different world. I love how design gives you the opportunity to bring a concept to reality and live the spaces differently. I’m very cheesy.

Who are your design icons?

Well, it all started when my dad gave me those old Scandinavian design magazines from the 60’s when I was about 12 years old that I keep to date, and I became obsessed with Danish design. The work of Hans Wegner, Finn Juhl, Borge Mogensen and many more, has always inspired me, although they are furniture designers.

I also love the work of Norm Architects, Ilse Crawford, and her design studio StudioIlse, and others like Nathalie Deboel.

There’re so many Designers and projects to admire.

What is one of the most interesting projects you have worked on?

I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects where I was involved in the interior architecture, and my biggest challenge was a  project where everything was done completely bespoke including furnishings, lights and materials and I worked on the electric plans, customising and bringing from Europe a wireflow chandelier from Vibia lighting for the 12 metre double-height dining, designing a marble top dining table to go with it, that looked completely stunning.

What do you love about timber?

What I like the most is its versatility, variety, and longevity, both in life and in design, being able to create so many different things with such a rich natural resource, of course obtained from responsible and certified sources.

What is your favourite VidaSpace product?

I love Oscar Ono Foret Collection and their beautiful patterns, also Grande herringbone from The Italian Collection.

You can contact Carolina on 021 320 524 or

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