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Introducing the Colour Matching Guide by Bremworth

how to match your timber flooring to your rugs or carpet

Introducing the Colour Matching Guide by Bremworth in partnership with VidaSpace and Resene.

Our friends at Bremworth teamed up with one of Australia’s most renowned stylists, Megan Morton, to create a colour matching guide designed to make your floor and wall selections effortless.

The four curated collections let you seamlessly integrate your ideal aesthetic with quality finishes and materials that create cohesion in your abode.

Get inspired and find your perfect interior palette.


Bremworth have purposefully matched combinations that will breathe much-needed colour into your space. Colours that remind us of new growth and combinations that have been inspired by the greatest muse of all, mother nature. From the light sky to the forest floor, invite the natural world indoors.


Times like these! Making your home a newfound retreat means your floor and wall combinations need to be a deliberate mix of both grounded colour and honourable textures. We see the need for renewal in all of the ways and understand that it’s a combined deep desire to reconnect with the home and all of the comfort, care and restorative powers it can offer. Indulge in these foolproof renewal opportunities.


A mix of both the dramatic and the subdued colour inspiration our rugged coast line provides, these partnerships are more best friends forever for rooms you l want to take to the next level.


Rest assured, these engineered pairings are inspired by the best of the city; defiant textures, hardworking monochromes, with the addition of some unpredictable colour to give that pop of surprise.

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