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Kanat Studio x VidaSpace present: Moments in Time

Moments in Time immersive exhibition using curved timber finishes

Kanat Studio is an emerging interior design practice led by Kate Pilot and Natalia Glucina. With a collective 20 years industry experience in local and offshore projects, the Auckland- based duo specialise in bespoke residential and commercial interiors.

"We believe design is a conversation between ourselves, our clients and the spaces we create together and therefore we do not prescribe to a rigid set of rules or a singular style."

Their approach encourages a desire for the unique, an appreciation for quality and an enthusiasm for unearthing the custom details that truly express the client's identity.

Alongside their interior work they continue to explore creative avenues that complement their practice and fulfil their desire for free creation. This made for a perfect collaboration partnership between Kanat Studio & VidaSpace.

VidaSpace’s purpose is to empower ambitious design, and so with the launch of the inaugural Auckland Design Week(ADW) last week, the two teams joined forces to create something remarkable – Moments in Time.

With the VidaSpace Auckland flagship showroom as the venue, we wanted to push the boundaries on how visitors would experience a product. We wanted to leave an effect on them and to inspire.

At VidaSpace, timber is our material, and so we explored it in its pre-engineered state. The growth rings of a tree drew our attention with each layer recording time, history, and moments. This inspired us with thoughts of moments in our own lives, of the details that forma memory, of all the elements within and around us that do not get direct attention but are part of the set design of those memories. They create context and contribute mood and atmosphere. The conscious and unconscious selections of items and finishes within our space all tell a story.

We wanted to “frame moments” within the exhibit space so we could focus attention on the materiality and contain the experience.”

“Visually there is a continuous and repetitive layering in timber rings and grain. Undulating, organic forms. Fine layer upon layer gradually building up to something weighty and solid. We love the concept of micro vs macro and how minor can be major and feel awesome. Encouraging curiosity and drawing one in.”

To be able to articulate this story we defined three principles that would be referred to throughout the design process:

Folding Forms appreciates the flexibility of material and patterning of the TABU timber veneers showcased in the exhibit. It ensures the product remains the focus and explores how we can display each veneer in a way it can be best appreciated.

Framing comes through by way of creating windows to view each composition through. To again keep the attention focused and the viewer in the moment. We also contain the experience so the space can be slowly explored. Mirrors and peek throughs also echo this concept.

Lastly Immersion ensures we encourage exploration and interaction with the exhibit. And that every step of the experience from marketing to arrival at the showroom to viewing the space forms part of a cohesive journey.

With incredibly generous help and talent from Craftbuilt Industries, Blink, and Organoid by Austaron Surfaces, plus countless hours of imagination, determination, and eventually hard labour, the vision of the Moments in Time exhibition became not just a creative vision, but a reality.

Launched at ADW 2024, but to remain and be enjoyed at VidaSpace Auckland for further seasons, we compel you to experience it for yourself.

“We want to leave an effect on the guest. To inspire and surprise.” – Natalia Glucina, Kanat Studio


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