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UV Cured Oil – Beautiful Timber Floors That Last A Lifetime

Beautiful timber floors for your home

UV cured oiled floors have revolutionised the prefinished flooring game, quickly becoming the world’s most superior timber flooring finish. There is a very common misconception around oiled floors vs UV oiled floors. A traditional oiled floor has an airdried oil finish, which needs to be reapplied after installation, and then replenished consistently (around every 12 months) throughout its life, or else it can dry out and become damaged or stained very easily. A UV oil finish is comprised of many layers of hard wax oil, that are cured between each layer, allowing the finish to solidify – much like a lacquered floor. Essentially, a UV oiled floor offers the best of both worlds; it is hard wearing and robust like a lacquer, and has the patch repairability of an oil, without the ongoing maintenance.

For every UV oiled floor, there is a corresponding Liquid Wax Formula either White or Clear which can be applied to the floor as needed. Liquid Wax can drastically minimise the appearance of surface wear and tear (scratches, dents and scuffs), whilst replenishing the finish of your floor. This allows your floor to last far longer before it needs to be sanded and refinished.  The hard wax component in the liquid wax formula, bonds to the UV oil and seamlessly blends into the surface of the floor meaning you can apply it to small sections as necessary. In comparison, once a lacquered floor becomes damaged, the only way to repair it is by sanding and refinishing the entire floor at once, which can be costly and disruptive.

Ultimately, with a UV cured oiled floor you are achieving a beautiful matte oiled finish that is durable, patch repairable and will continue to look beautiful for years and years.

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