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Interview with Madi Reid: Interior Design Consultant

Timber flooring and veneer panel interior design consultant
What does your job as Interior Consultant entail?

My role as an Interior Design Consultant in the Auckland region entails management of key accounts in the interior market, focusing on maintaining and expanding client relationships and enhancing brand recognition. The goal is to strengthen VidaSpace’s presence in the Auckland and Northland regions.

What do you love about interior design?

My love for interior design stems from the constant evolution of design trends and the chance to contribute to the aesthetic appeal of spaces. I love the creative aspect and the opportunity to bring visions to life.

Who are your design icons?

Kelly Wearstler for her bold and eclectic designs, and Frank Lloyd wright, known for his organic architecture and innovative designs.

What is one of the most interesting projects you’ve worked on?

I was assisting a designer doing a project down in Christchurch, repairing and rebuilding a mosque and community centre after the 2019 mosque attacks, they were also working on a medical centre. It was very inspiring and really hit home I have family ties Christchurch.

What do you love about timber?

Timber brings a natural warmth and timeless beauty to all spaces. I have mad love for biophilic design, and to me, timber is the heart of biophilic design. My favourite aspect of interior design is being able to create a connection with nature, and timber’s versatility incorporates this.

What is your favourite VidaSpace product?

The new TABU Veneers, for the funky design opportunities they present. Also, the Douglas Fir range, because I love Christmas trees!

You can contact Madi on 021 243 9049 or

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