Interview with Gavin How: Specification Consultant

South Island timber flooring and veneer consultant

What does your job as a Specification Consultant entail?

I’m excited to support the South Island architecture and design industry in creating distinctive, memorable interior spaces. I focus on understanding the designer’s vision and helping them with selection, specification, delivery, and execution of natural timber finishes. My objective is to ensure continuity with all stakeholders involved in the design and build process for a quality, enduring outcome.


What do you love about interior design?

The allure of interior design for me lies in the art of distilling inspiration from nature, art, culture, history, fashion, textiles, and personal experiences. Witnessing the creativity and skill of interior designers as they curate these elements into stunning, functional, and beautiful spaces is truly incredible. Well-designed interiors have a quantum effect, becoming spaces that define moments in time and enhance our lives.


Who are your design icons?

Good design is timeless in any genre and the icons like Frank Lloyd Wright and Zaha Hadid bring proportion, light, intent & design to perfection.


What do you love about timber?

I think we all connect with timber because of its intrinsic, natural features of strength, warmth, protection and beauty. We’ve lived with wood for thousands of years and the sense of place that timber interiors give is still as current within a monastic Japandi interior from today, to a whare, Viking Longhouse or English pub from earlier times. The fact timber is a symbolic, living material that’s grown over decades while weathering the storms of time brings a relatable character with every piece being totally unique – the perfect counter for our technological age.  


Whati s your favourite VidaSpace product?

VidaPlank Douglas Fir White Lye & White Oil. It gives a very northern European sensibility to an interior space, with the planks in amazing long lengths for a clean, sophisticated look.

Get in contact with Gavin for any advice.


Phone: 021 833 651

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