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The finest oak veneer collection: Querkus

Unfinished timber veneer panels stocked in New Zealand

Limitations of design with veneer have now almost disappeared. The Querkus Collection by Decospan in Belgium is the most design led and creative range of veneers on the market hands down. With almost unlimited combinations of colour, texture and panel sizes, and a wide range of stock specifications in NZ with any additional specifications available as an indent product. Stunning designs from genuine reclaimed oak from Croatian railway sleepers and beams through to beautiful smoked oak colours.

“Every Decospan panel we produce is unique. We handle the available oak veneer creatively and with the utmost respect. Our unique production processes capture and enhance the beauty, colour, markings and structure of solid wood, and combine these with the many advantages of a veneered panel. The gleam of amazement in the eyes of our customers when they enter their living room, kitchen or office, gives us the ultimate sense of satisfaction.”

Although we have some designs in stock this product can be customised and is achieved through the following 4 simple steps:

1. Choose the Look: Here you can select the look of the Querkus veneer sheets. The mixmatch technique used for jointing the veneers gives the collection a solid appearance. Mixmatch is a jointing technique achieved by randomly combining the veneer from different logs using a process developed and patented by Decospan itself.

  • Oak Natural – No nonsense purity
    Natural brings the honest and endearing beauty of the oak to the fore. No frills, just pure nature. We use strictly selected, slow-growing oaks from controlled and regulated growth zones in Croatia.
    The Natural panels are untreated enabling you to apply a wood stain or varnish finish according to taste. Wood oil also offers optimum protection, while retaining the veneer’s natural feel and warmth.
    The 3 Oak Natural looks are available in 4 veneer thicknesses: 0.6 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm and 2 mm.
  • Oak Vintage – Respected, re-purposed and up-cycled:
    Revive old materials and give them a new lease of life, while respecting the past. This is the true spirit of the Oak Vintage look. Oak beams which have been used in the railway system for many decades are now processed into veneer with a rich past and warm look.
    Vintage tells a story of quality, respect and craftsmanship, offering every interior an individual and seasoned look, characteristic for both client and interior designer’s sophisticated tastes.
    The 3 Oak Vintage looks are available in 2 veneer thicknesses: 1 and 1.5 mm.
  • Oak Retro – Respect the past, embrace the future:
    Like the Vintage look, Retro pays homage to the quality and warm conviviality of yesteryear. If the Vintage look is too distinct for you, you could try our Oak Retro, which offers a softer look. Although less striking, Oak Retro still has the character required to offer every room an individual, distinctive atmosphere.
    Appropriate processing technologies and panel joining techniques are combined to achieve the subtle Retro look. Oak Vintage and Oak Retro cannot be used together in the same product because of possible differences in hue.
    Oak Retro is only available in a veneer thickness of 0.6 mm, making this collection an accessible collection for every interior.
  • Oak Smoked – A class of its own:
    Oak Smoked exudes pure class. Smoking the Croatian oak to the core gives it a classy look and unique character. The traditional smoking process and the oak’s typical properties result in a strong, dark look.
    Oak Smoked is reminiscent of exclusive clubs and hotel lobbies with the very best whiskies and cigars.
    The 3 Oak Smoked looks are available in 2 veneer thicknesses: 0.6 mm and 1.5 mm Please note: The colour of the wood will change slightly on sanding.

2. Choose your Veneer Thickness: Different veneer thicknesses can be offered, depending on the look chosen. What is important here is not just the budget but also the surface finish wanted. The thicker the veneer, the more character it can be given.

  • 0.6mm
  • 1mm
  • 1.5mm
  • 2mm
  • 3.5mm

3. Choose your Texture: The structure of oak lends itself perfectly to different surface finishing processes. This means that the feel of the veneer can be particularly emphasized. You can sense that the material is genuine and that it differs from the many imitations on the market.

  • Plain (Pre-sanded grain 120 grit)
  • Brushed Type B1
  • Sawn Type S1

4. Choose your Format: Veneer panel or Flex veneer

  • Panel options:
    Standard MDF: 2500mm x 1240mm or 3050mm x 1220mm
    Moisture Resistant MDF: 2440mm x 1220mm or 3050mm x 1220mm
    Other cores and dimensions available on request. e.g. Fire Rated MDF
  • Flex options: Flex is a veneer layer that is very easy to work with. The veneer layer is first pressed onto paper and the wood fibers are then broken. This gives us a flexible strip of veneer wood.
    Standard Size: 3050mm x 1240mm

5. Choose your matching Edge Banding: Matching edge banding has been developed for each look. This means that we can provide a total solution and each project can be finished into detail.

  • 26mm
  • 46mm

PEFC or FSC Certifications are available on request.

Please get in touch with our team to discuss the specifications we hold in stock in New Zealand or the specific project requirements you have that may require a bespoke solution.

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