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What is Wood Veneer Flooring?

Timber veneer flitches to be made into timber veneer flooring

Here at VidaSpace, we focus on engineered timber flooring planks due to stability and sustainability. Our flooring is available in a myriad of options, with varying wear layers ranging from 10mm end-grain down to just 0.6mm veneer flooring.

While a wear layer of just 0.6mm veneer sounds like it couldn’t stand up to the day-to-day traffic of a family home or workspace, in reality it is one of our best options for these spaces.

Parky is constructed of a real European Oak veneer, on an HDF core. HDF is much harder and denser than timber, and as the wear layer is so thin, the core absorbs any impact resulting in less damage to the board. Therefore, Parky can withstand a higher degree of impact than products with a thicker oak layer.

The veneer layer is double sided impregnated, with the glue on the bottom layer fusing with the 7 layers of UV cured lacquer from the top layer, which solidifies the veneer making it extremely scratch resistant.

This coupled with the aqua seal on the joins means Parky carries the honour of being our most water-resistant flooring, tested to be 12 hours waterproof. With the class 31 rating the finish achieves, although this is our thinnest timber, it will actually outperform many thicker planks on the market.

As this is a constructed from real timber veneer, no two boards are the same. Each plank will have unique grain and characteristics. Real timber also creates a warm environment, with a soft underfoot feel. So, while this sort of product is comparable in construction to a laminate flooring, the look and feel is far superior to imitation products.

VidaSpace is passionate about sustainability. Parky flooring is one of our most sustainable options, as it is only a thin layer of Oak which is sourced from sustainably managed forests, and each plank is 100% recyclable. Our factories source energy from both solar and wind, and the sawdust and wood waste created in production are used to heat the factory.

Choosing a veneer flooring will ensure you are choosing one of the most hard wearing and sustainable options on the market.

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