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GEORGE & EDI Partnership

A brand partner to supply boutique fragrances for our timber flooring showrooms

When we set out to find the perfect brand partner to supply boutique fragrances for our showrooms, offices, and for client gifting, we were delighted that GEORGE & EDI were thrilled to come on board.


Together, sisters Sarah and Rose started GEORGE & EDI in 2011. In their own words, it was the blending of their creative ideas and inspirations, along with their passion for craftsmanship and fragrance. They formed G&E with the mission to create timeless, quality products that are beautiful in their simplicity, with fragrances that will endure and bring a little luxury to the every day.

Based in Lake Wanaka, they are artisanal, small batch producers, respecting the age-old craft of candle making and conscious production. For VidaSpace, a partnership with G&E was a no-brainer. Both being New Zealand businesses, with a passion for sustainability and ethical production, as well as of course a devotion for providing something beautiful to be enjoyed by all in everyday life.

We believe that G&E fragrance products add life to any space, which is particularly important in our industry of interiors. We are loving having their scents in our showrooms and offices through reed diffusers, candles, room sprays, and perfumed hand creams. These all also make beautiful gifts, so we are looking forward to our long-standing partnership with G&E and introducing our clients to their stunning brand.  

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