Cocktails & Canapes 2023 Christmas Party

VidaSpace Timber Flooring Showroom Event

In the spirit of festivity, last week we gathered for our third annual Cocktails & Canapés event. Marking the end of a year that while not without its challenges, also brought its share of successes for our industry, so we thought it would be fitting to celebrate with a Christmas Party.

We took a moment to appreciate the collective efforts that made our accomplishments possible. The event was a delightful way to unwind, share laughter, and express gratitude for the positive moments that defined our journey throughout the year.

Our team wishes everyone a well-deserved Christmas break and are looking forward to another remarkable year ahead.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and to our gracious event partners:

Aspect | Tickety Boo | Barulho | Curious AF | Sustainagrow by TLC Live | Wine Central

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