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NZ Product Partner Series 1: Zone 92

Intumescent coating applied to timber to meet fire rating requirements

VidaSpace has worked closely with Zone Architectural Products over recent years and have a number of successful, architecturally stunning projects with their intumescent coating under our belt.

This clear intumescent coating is suitable for application across almost the complete range we offer and the coating means our products can achieve a Group 1S rating. If you would like to check on individual products or would like to see samples with the coating applied please get in touch with our team and they can work with the team at Zone to get samples done for you.

FireZone™ 92 Clear Coat Intumescent for Group 1S on Timber

  • Independently tested for compliance to the NZBC C/AS2, table 4.3, achieving a Group 1S, the highest performance.
  • Produces a finish with minimal changes to the natural timber substrate; no “milkiness”
  • Both base and top coats are water based-borne and environmentally friendly, with low VOC’s
  • The FireZone topcoat is locally manufactured
  • Can be applied over stained or varnished substrates using FireZone
  • Adhesion Primer (site specific sample)
  • Sprayed on-site or off-site by Approved Applicators, no special heating equipment required; able to be brushed or rolled

Limitations: Interior use | Avoid wet areas | Timber substrate minimum thickness is 9mm and 450kg/m3 in density. Includes most common timbers but not cedar. Zone also has a treatment for lower density timbers such as cedar.

For technical compliance and design; please contact Ash @ Zone: 0274684445

VidaSpace enjoys working with Zone for these intumescent finishes on projects using our timber products for wall panelling and ceiling linings. Get in touch with our team today to discuss the fire group rating requirements of your project.

“Vidaspace have a great range of internal surface linings. Working with their team on projects is always a streamlined process. They have a clear passion for finding the right solution for your project”

Ash Barwood

Account Manager, Zone Architectural Products

Learn about Fire Group Ratings

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