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VidaSpace 2021 Collections

VidaSpace new timber flooring and veneer collections

We are thrilled to introduce our 2021 Collections. Our latest 2021 VidaBook is bursting full of new products, colours, and ranges not yet seen in the New Zealand market.

Our purpose of enabling world-class design has driven new changes and innovations to keep our VidaSpace offering at the forefront of the design market in New Zealand.

Introducing: Oscar Ono – the Forêt Collection

Designed by Raphael Navot, the Forêt Collection is a revolutionary handmade flooring and wall covering marquetry.

Inspired by 19th-century cobblestone streets in Paris, Oscar Ono has spent many years reviving the wondrous tradition and give it a new contemporary life.

The Forêt Collection contains 6 timeless patterns to personalize your compositions, crafted into pre-assembled End Grain Oak planks for simple installation with spectacular results that will last for generations.

With 4 different high-performance finishes, literally endless pattern possibilities, this collection is a first in New Zealand, and we are absolutely honoured to introduce it to our shores.

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Raphael Navot

Paris-based designer, Raphael Navot was born in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1977. In 2003, he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with a Bachelor’s degree in Conceptual Design. Post graduation, he settled in the French capital, where he began to explore the disciplines of design and interior architecture, arriving at a unique juncture where the creative process is informed by the employment of noble, raw materials and traditional, man-made techniques.

Colours of 2021

Artists and interior designers have long believed that colour is a powerful communication tool that can dramatically affect moods, feelings, emotions, and even influence physiological reactions.

Being such a crucial element, colour is at the very forefront of the design process, and often the best starting point for selecting finishes for a space. With this in mind, we have curated five colour themes for our 2021 collections.

We worked with Becks Silke of Franc Atalier to conceive the themes, and have organised all of our products into each:


Cool, contemporary, and crisp. Fresh icy tones, creating a clean canvas for natural textures and subtle wood grain.


Warm, modest, and timeless. The soft golden hues of summer fields and sandy beaches. There is nothing quite like the modesty and natural beauty of raw oak tones.


Sleek, modern, and refined; a contemporary take on traditional wood tones. From smoky warm greys, to cooler shades of concrete and riverbed stones.


Textural, rich, and inviting. Shades of autumnal leaves to intense coffee, aged oak wine barrels to deep bourbon and sticky toffee. Be engulfed in cosy tones and heavy textures.


Luxurious, moody, and intense. Like long shadows, charcoal and embers as the day comes to a close. Feel the fumed, burnt, and smoked wood surfaces, and get lost in the intensity of shades of nightfall.

Get enveloped in the gentle mist, touch the dry wheat, smell the swirling smoke, feel the textured earth, find yourself lost in the evening dusk and explore how our Colours of 2021 can evoke the senses and inspire your projects.


This brings our bespoke flooring products options all together. We have curated a collection of stunning designs and finishes, some that have never come to the New Zealand market before.

These are to serve as an inspiration, and they are all fully customisable to your exact project requirements. Made in small batches by our partners in Europe, each floor is unique and exquisite, a true statement of luxury and natural beauty.

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