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Timber Veneer vs Melamine Panels

How to decide between timber veneer or melamine panels

Should I use Timber Veneer or Melamine Panels?

Designing a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom is an exciting experience, but it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the joinery choices available.

Whether you are opting for rustic farmhouse or modern luxe style, timber cabinetry will produce a beautiful, timeless look.

There are plenty of options available in both real timber and timber-look melamine, so which is the best choice for your project?

Both product constructions create a durable, hardwearing option suitable for kitchen cabinetry, bathroom vanities, furniture, wall linings and more!

Melamine panels are a low-pressure laminate, constructed of an MDF core covered by a printed paper, then finished with a resin. There is a wide selection of colours and high-res timber prints, however you are limited to what is produced for the market.

Veneer panels are real timber veneer, pressed onto an MDF core and either pre-finished with lacquer, or unfinished where you have the option to stain or leave natural, then oil or lacquer.

Timber-look melamine panels have come a long way since their inception, however their downfall remains that they are, and look like a print. You will see pattern repeats across areas.

Every piece of timber will have its own unique colour and grain structures, which provide a look that an imitation cannot replicate. VidaSpace veneers are constructed using a mix matched lay on technique, ensuring no two panels are the same.

If you are wanting a prefinished panel to save time and for ease of selection, then a prefinished timber veneer has all the time benefits of Melamine but is the real deal. Options are available of in a variety of timbers, so you are sure to find a style to suit your home.

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With an unfinished veneer, you have full control of the final product. With options of quarter cut, quarter and crown cut, rustic or reclaimed oak, you can create a completely bespoke design bringing together your choice of timber grain, and stain colour.

With the choice of smooth, brushed or sawn faces, genuinely reclaimed rustic timber, smoked finishes and more, your timber will have the characteristics of solid oak, in veneer form.

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Choosing a real timber veneer will offer that warm, real wood feel that is missing in a replica.

It has been proven that the feelings of natural warmth and comfort of wood in the home can lower blood pressure and heart rates, reduce stress and anxiety, and has been shown to improve indoor air quality.

It has a positive physiological and psychological benefits that mimic the effect of spending time outside in nature.

Living with real timber will improve your health and wellbeing.

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