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Should I use ABS or Timber Edge Banding for Shinnoki?

Timber veneer cabinetry in a kitchen using timber edge clashing

Shinnoki is our range of prefinished veneer panels designed to be used for cabinetry, whether that be kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes or custom-made furniture. The beauty of Shinnoki is that the sheets are ready and easy to use, with huge time and cost savings as both the edge banding and panels are prefinished.

When edge banding a Shinnoki panel, there are two options: timber edge banding or ABS edge banding. Both options are prefinished and come in 24mm and 48mm widths. As the standard thickness of each Shinnoki sheet is 19mm, both the ABS and timber edging will get trimmed down when applied to the sheet, resulting in a clean and perfected edge.

The ABS edge banding is made of recycled plastic, has a total thickness of 1mm, is colour matched to each prefinished colour, and has a brushed finish, to match the front face of each panel. This is the most hard-wearing edge banding option, but it can still be used on curved handle details and other technical details, due to its flexibility. When trimmed down the core of the ABS becomes visible, which again, is colour matched to each panel.

Timber edge banding, as its name suggests, is made from a 0.6mm veneer of timber making it the most discreet option when edging Shinnoki panels. It also has a brushed finish which matches the front face of the veneer. The surface of the timber edge banding is stained or smoked and then lacquered to match its corresponding panel. When the timber edge banding gets trimmed down, the raw colour of the timber becomes exposed along the edge. This can be finished and covered with a lacquer repair pen, which is available in each of the Shinnoki colours. If you choose to specify timber edge banding for your project, we recommend that the matching lacquer repair pen gets purchased with your order, so your joiner can ensure that each edge is perfectly finished.

If you have any further questions or need any help deciding what edge banding is right for your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team!

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