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Interview with Ahlia McKenzie: Design Consultant

Timber flooring and veneer panel design consultant

With a background in communication design,photography and lighting, Ahlia joins VidaSpace as a design consultant and is based in our Parnell studio. We asked her about her design inspirations and the most interesting project she has ever worked on.

Where have you come from in the industry?

After completing a Bachelor of Communication Studies majoring in communication design and minoring in photography at Auckland University of Technology, I spent two years specialising in lighting design. I then worked at one of New Zealand’s top office furniture companies before joining the VidaSpace team. I have since completed a Diploma of Interior Design.

What does your job as a design consultant entail?

My time is divided between our gorgeous Parnell showroom, and out and about visiting our clients and nurturing business relationships. I love that at VidaSpace we have constant and meaningful communication with major players in the industry, and that our product truly enhances any interior design project. My job is to assist in the concept and design process from start to finish to achieve beautiful end results. I also travel to visit clients in the Bay of Plenty and Northland regions.

What do you love about interior design?

Just like with fashion, it is a way to express yourself and to communicate with others wordlessly. A physical space can be dressed to inspire an emotive mood as soon as you enter it.

Who are your design icons?

He isn’t technically a designer but in complete honesty nothing inspires me more than the work of photographer Horst P. Horst – whether it’s his photographs of Elsie de Wolfe’s interior architecture and design for Vogue magazine, or his fashion photography during World War II.

What is one of the most interesting projects you’ve worked on?

I once worked on the design and execution of a three-metre-tall freestanding floor lamp which defied all the laws of physics. The lampshade alone was 1.5m wide and stood on a New Zealand made wood-turned base without any suspended wire support. I loved the challenge of being told it simply couldn’t be done, and the final product was breathtaking.

What do you love about timber?

I love that every crafted plank has a story. It has already had a life and is being given a second (or third or fourth if it’s reclaimed!) life to create beautiful spaces. Ethical forestation is extremely important to me, which is why I am thrilled that we have FSC® certified products.

You can contact Ahlia on 027 582 5357 or

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