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Can I Install Underfloor Heating Under Wood Floors?

Engineered timber flooring installed over underfloor heating

When renovating or building a home, we want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere, especially for those colder months. Installing timber flooring is a great way to create a comfortable environment, but how well does timber flooring work with underfloor heating?

One of the main concerns when looking at timber flooring over underfloor heating is if the timber will warp or split. These issues occur when the timber is dried out when it is in a heated room. The reduced moisture content causes the timber to shrink, and this can cause crowning or cupping.

Solid timber is prone to these issues due to the variation in stability, the density and moisture content of a solid plank.

Engineered timber is the best choice for use, as in contrast to solid wood floors, our engineered wood floors are constructed with cross laminated cores. This construction technique results in a more stable plank, which allows for enough movement within the board, without challenging its structural integrity.

It is important to ensure good thermal conductivity, which is best when using a denser wood, such as Oak. The thinner the flooring and the higher the density, the shorter the heat up time. This does not mean you cannot use our 20mm boards, but that the system will work most efficiently with a thinner plank.

Heating the floor changes the moisture content of the wood, so you should choose an engineered wood flooring product as it can adapt to the changes in floor temperature and fluctuation in moisture content, without changing the appearance of the floor.

It is important to acclimatise your timber prior to laying by placing it in the area that will be heated, turning on the heating and letting the moisture content adjust to the temperate.

The floor surface temperature must not exceed 27°C.

As long as all installation guides are followed, we will warranty any of our engineered timber floors over underfloor heating, and you can rest assured it won’t warp, cup or crack.

We recommend speaking with your underfloor heating system supplier for their additional instructions and advice.

Find our installation guides for further technical information here

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