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What Wood Flooring Finish Is The Most Durable & Easy To Maintain?

Durable engineered timber flooring in a living room

We all want our flooring choice to be one that is easy to live with and care for, whether you are renting out your home, are a couple in an apartment or a busy family with pets.

The type of timber you chose is a key factor of how durable it will be. The majority of our timber flooring is made from European Oak, which is a very dense hardwood. Oak is a very common option for flooring due to is hardness and durability.

Construction can play a key part in how durable a timber flooring may be. A denser core, such as cross laminated birch ply, will provide a solid backing for the wear layer which in turn creates a more impact resistant surface.

An HDF core, which is used within our Parky range, is much denser than timber, therefore can withstand a higher degree of impact.

The type of finish used is important to consider also. There are three main types of finishes available, which each have varying degrees of durability and maintenance, and all differ on how you can revitalize when the surface becomes scratched or dull.

There is no correct answer to which is the “best” , it all comes down to individual preference and which products maintenance regime will work best for you.

With all flooring options, it is advised to vacuum as regularly as possible to remove dirt and debris from the timber surface as these particles can scratch and dull the surface over time.

It is also important keep any moisture to a minimum when cleaning – mops should be damp, not wet. We recommend using a spray mop as best practice.

Natural Oil Wood Flooring

A traditional finish which is widely used when finishing a wooden floor on site.

This is a subtle finish that brings out the true natural beauty of both the colour and grain, which gains a lovely patina, growing more beautiful with age.

An oil penetrates deep into the wood, protecting it from the inside out. It is a softer finish and can be susceptible to marks and scratches.

Oils require regular care and maintenance with specialised oiled floor cleaning products, which help to replenish the floor while you clean. They will need re-oiling throughout the course of their life, especially in high traffic areas and very sunny spots. With the application of liquid wax, dull areas can be totally revitalised and the appearance of scratches and marks minimized.

UV Cured Oil Wood Flooring

Like an oil, a UV cured oil penetrates the wood, protecting it from outside in. However, this oil is solidified under a UV light, creating a much harder, extremely durable surface. This creates a stain and water-resistant surface, less susceptible to scratches.

This is still a very subtle finish, looking much like a natural oil.

A UV oil will also require care with specialised oiled floor cleaning products, which help to replenish the floor while you clean.

From time to time you will need to rejuvenate the surface, especially in high traffic and sunny areas. This can easily be done yourself, applying our Marldon Liquid Wax with a microfibre cloth and buffing the areas of concern.

With the application of liquid wax dull areas can be totally revitalised and the appearance of scratches and marks minimized. With correct care and maintenance, you will remove any need to sand for many, many years.

This is particularly helpful with textured planks, as sanding removes any texture on the surface, and bevels will lessen depth with each sand.

Lacquer Wood Flooring

The most common of all finishes, a lacquer sits on top of the wood, protecting it from the outside in.

This is the most durable of surfaces as the wood is completely coated, however this can lessen the true wood grain feel and softness and can have an element of shine.

A lacquered timber floor will require care with correct cleaning products that are suitable for timber. As this finish is a solid layer, no replenishing is required.

With a lacquer, once areas become scratched or dull there is no option of replenishing without sanding the wear layer back to raw oak and refinishing on site.

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