Understanding Shinnoki Prefinished Timber Veneer

Prefinished European Oak Veneer

Understanding Shinnoki

Shinnoki is a prefinished panel product featuring a natural timber veneer surface. Shinnoki does not require spraying or finishing unlike traditional timber panel products, which adds to its convenience. It is imperative to understand that Shinnoki is a real timber product and needs to be treated as such, it is not comparable to laminates or faux timber products in terms of its processing. Shinnoki can be used for walls, ceilings, doors, cabinetry, and some horizontal surfaces*. Timber will also be affected by UV light which can change colour over time, the colours most susceptible to this change are Natural Oak, Frozen Walnut, Pure Walnut, Milk Oak, and Ivory Oak.  It is crucial to treat Shinnoki with care when handling, processing, and installing, respecting its authentic timber nature.

* Horizontal use is not recommended for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Prefinished Timber Joinery

Grey Roasting by King & Co & Studio 11:11 | Cinnamon Triba Veneer

Benefits of Shinnoki

  • Time saving compared to traditional timber veneer panel processes.
  • Consistency in colour and finish compared to traditional timber veneer panels.
  • Micro scratch resistant.
  • Enhanced finish – can even be used for tabletops.
  • Reduces freight costs and risks of damage in transit to spray shops.
  • Complete solution of panels, flex veneers, door skins, and matching timber/ABS edge banding.
  • Collection of 12 trend-driven colours.
  • European oak timber which provides a deeper, rich colour as opposed to American Oak.
  • A sustainable solution.

Prefinished Timber Kitchen Joinery

Te Atatū Residence by Material Creative | Frozen Walnut Veneer


  • Ensure correct amount of colour lacquer pens and clear lacquer pens are ordered for the project.
  • Ensure the correct amount of edge banding is ordered for the project.
  • Ensure appropriate edge banding is selected for the project i.e. ABS or timber.
  • Ensure screw caps are ordered, if required.
  • Panels will arrive via pallet delivery and lacquer pens/edge banding will arrive via courier.
  • Upon arrival, please inspect the order to ensure it is correct, verify that the edge banding tones match the supplied panels, and check for any damage.

Grey Prefinished Timber Veneer Joinery

Pt Chev Kitchen by Sticks + Stones Design | Mineral Triba Veneer

Handling & Storage

  • Shinnoki panels feature an A-grade front face and a B-grade back face. The front face is covered with a clear protective film, while the back face has a green film. Additionally, a sticker is placed on the front face of the top panel in each stack.
  • All panels are stacked with the front face facing up.
  • We recommend that the protective film is kept on as long as possible to reduce the risk of damaging the surface.
  • Shinnoki panels come prefinished and should be handled with care to avoid damaging the surface.

prefinished smoked walnut joinery

Kilbirnie Residence by Seear-Budd Ross & Woodhaus Joinery | Smoked Walnut Veneer

Cutting & Installation

  • Shinnoki panels can be cut/mitred using panel saws, track saws and CNC machines. Serviced tools and sharp blades will ensure a clean cut with no chipping or fraying of the cut edges.
  • Shinnoki panels are designed to be oversized and require trimming prior to installation. This is done to protect the products finished edges during transport.
  • There will be tonal variation in the panels due to the nature of timber, a natural product, the layout of the panels is very important to ensure an overall cohesive look.
  • Use screw caps to cover fixings if screws are used to fix panels in areas that are not hidden. Our recommendation is to hide screw fixings wherever possible.

timber veneer joinery

Miele Showroom by Detail by Davinia & Lyall Park Joinery | Desert Oak Veneer

Edge Banding

  • Ensure edge bander is serviced, and edge milling head is sharp and clean.
  • There will be tonal variation in the timber edge banding due to the nature of timber, selecting the appropriate edge banding to match the adjoining panel will result in an overall cohesive look.
  • If using timber edge banding, set up the edge bander to 0.5mm veneer thickness to ensure it does not cut through the 0.6mm veneer and into the MDF. Use 400 grit sandpaper and a block to sand off any furry edges to create a clean edge.
  • Any cuts made to the timber veneer or timber edge banding need staining for uniform colouring. Subsequently, the stained edge should be sealed with lacquer to safeguard against moisture and damage. Shinnoki lacquer colour pens can be used to stain the edge and the Lacquer clear pen can be used as a sealer. Alternatively, a wipe-on stain and lacquer can be applied to colour and seal the raw edge.
  • ABS edge banding is also available and often specified for high-wear applications. Unlike timber edge banding, ABS does not require the same type of processing, provided the panel’s veneer is not cut during the edge banding process.

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • After completing the installation and removing the protective film, use  “De-Solv-It – sticky spot and stain remover” to remove any residual adhesive.
  • For general cleaning we recommend a pH neutral cleaner that is suitable for lacquered timber surfaces such as “Ecostore Mutli-purpose spray cleaner”.
  • Minor damage can be repaired using Shinnoki lacquer repair pens. For more significant damage, a remedial specialist can be engaged, please contact our technical team to find a specialist in your area. If the damage is too extensive, the panel will need to be replaced.
  • Care Guide available here: www.vidaspace.co.nz/downloads-resources#Care-Maintenance
  • Warranty document available here: www.vidaspace.co.nz/downloads-resources#Product-Warranties

For Further Technical Support, Contact:

Matt Stewart Technical Consultant
matt.stewart@vidaspace.co.nz | 021 225 6751

Paul Simmons Technical Consultant
paul.simmons@vidaspace.co.nz | 021 228 5774

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