Brought to you exclusively from Decospan, Querkus is a collection of decorative oak veneered panels. Every panel produced is unique, where the oak veneer is handled creatively and with the utmost respect. The unique production processes capture and enhance the beauty, colour, markings and structure of solid wood, and combine these with the many advantages of a veneered panel. Querkus tells a story of quality and craftmanship, offering every interior an individual, distinctive atmosphere.



Unfinished Surface

The unfinished surface gives you complete creative control on the final look. Whether you choose to oil, lacquer or stain your veneer, the choice is yours.

Matching Edge Banding

Matching edge bandings have been developed for each look in timber. This means that VidaSpace can provide the total solution, and each project can be finished in detail.

Moisture & Fire Resistant

Moisture and Fire resistant panels are available to order. Or purchase in a flex sheet and lay on a substrate of your choice.

FSC Certified on Request

All Querkus timber veneer panels can be requested as FSC Certified.

Mixmatch Layout

‘Mixmatch’ (or ‘planked’) veneer layout maximises the look of real solid timber planks.

Made in Europe. Stocked in New Zealand

Querkus veneer is made in Europe and stocked in NZ. Available with 1-2 days lead time.

Flexible Veneers

Querkus is available to order in a flexible veneer sheet, perfect for curved applications.

Large Sheets

Standard sheet size is 2500mm x 1240mm or 3050mm x 1220mm to suit modern ceiling volumes and wall heights.

Double Sided Panels

Querkus veneer is available in a double sided panel – making it perfect for applications in furniture.

Matching Slats

The Querkus range offers matching slats to create additional design features and detailing.

Forêt Collection

Forêt is a revolutionary handmade flooring and wall covering marquetry.

Discover how you can personalise your own design with the six interchangeable Forêt patterns that are ready to install plank by plank with seamless connection.

Opus Collection

Opus by Oscar Ono is a unique handmade wooden surface that comes completely preassembled offering a unique endless wood pattern.

Opus is an organic endless pattern obtained with just one tile. Inspired by mosaico in Venice during ancient times, hidden repetition allows an easy multi-directional application, ready to install tile by tile with seamless connection.

Oscar Ono Forêt End Grain Wood Flooring Patterns

Forêt End Grain Wood Flooring Pattern Mixes

Forêt End Grain Brick Mix

Forêt End Grain Cityscape Mix

Forêt End Grain Mix

Forêt End Grain Roof Mix

Forêt End Grain Square Mix

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