Reimagining what is possible for wood flooring, Parky has revolutionised the industry with the most waterproof, durable, impact-resistant wood flooring on the market. What’s more, it is our most accessible range whilst yielding exceptional sustainability standards.



High-Strength and Scratch Resistant

Parky's Titanium finish has eight robust layers of lacquer which makes it extremely scratch-resistant and ready for intensive use. In combination with a core of high density fibre board, this floor is stronger and more dimensionally stable than any traditional solid or engineered wooden floor.

A Sustainable Choice

Wood is precious so we use it sparingly: We only use a thin layer of wood for the top finish and trees are sourced from sustainably-managed forests. Every board is 100% recyclable, participating as such in the circular economy. The sawdust and wood waste from production is used for heating.

Real wood

Each Parky floor is finished with a top layer of authentic wood species. Just like a solid wood floor, no two boards are the same. Oak, Walnut or other species give that beautiful natural look and warmth that can't be replicated with imitation products.

Waterproof surface

Parky has a waterproof surface. The combination with the Aqua Sealing Complete system, which protects the bevels, gives you a 12 hour waterproof floor. This makes your floor bulletproof for daily spills and drops.

Floor for healthier indoor air quality

The Parky floor is only finished with water based stains, adhesives without volatile organic compounds and solvent free paints. It is scientifically proven: indoor air quality improves with a Parky floor. All floors have a A+ quality label.

Fast and Easy Installation

All parky products are equipped with the Uniclic® or Unifit X® system, which makes installation as easy as it can be. With the Unifit X® fold-down option, you can even save 30% on installation time. With a handy 3-in-1 wooden profile also available allowing you to finish your floor to the last detail.

Made in Europe. Stocked in NZ

Made in Europe, stocked in New Zealand. Available for immediate dispatch.

Cost Effective

Using only a thin layer of Prime Grade Oak or Walnut, this type of construction makes a wood floor possible on even the tightest of budgets.

Lifetime Residential Warranty

Parky has a lifetime residential warranty and 10 year commercial warranty.

Suitable for Underfloor Heating

All products are suitable for installation over underfloor heating.

E3/AS1 Approved

Our flooring products have been NZWTA independently tested to ISO4760: 2022 and are approved for use in kitchens, laundries, and powder rooms.

Forêt Collection

Forêt is a revolutionary handmade flooring and wall covering marquetry.

Discover how you can personalise your own design with the six interchangeable Forêt patterns that are ready to install plank by plank with seamless connection.

Opus Collection

Opus by Oscar Ono is a unique handmade wooden surface that comes completely preassembled offering a unique endless wood pattern.

Opus is an organic endless pattern obtained with just one tile. Inspired by mosaico in Venice during ancient times, hidden repetition allows an easy multi-directional application, ready to install tile by tile with seamless connection.

Oscar Ono Forêt End Grain Wood Flooring Patterns

Forêt End Grain Wood Flooring Pattern Mixes

Forêt End Grain Brick Mix

Forêt End Grain Cityscape Mix

Forêt End Grain Mix

Forêt End Grain Roof Mix

Forêt End Grain Square Mix

Design your ultimate VidaPlank™ with our PlankBuilder™