VidaGroove Slats

An iconic trend in architectural design, VidaGroove™ Slats are prefabricated battened panels made from walnut, oak, and ash on recycled felt. Offering striking results on vertical, horizontal, and curved surfaces.

VidaGroove Slats


FSC® certified

Only harvested from sustainably managed forests and approved for use in Greenstar® buildings. Our FSC® Certificate: FSC-C129187.


With sound-absorbing properties, VidaGroove™ Slats panels are designed to reduce noise up to 50% in the room they are installed in.

Wood Species

With the VidaGroove™ Slats collection you have the choice of Oak, Walnut, and Ash.

Easy Installation

VidaGroove™ Slats panels are delivered in pre-built modules, which makes it simple and easy to mount them in the ceiling or on the wall.

Made in Europe

The VidaGroove™ Slats collection is made in Europe.


The felt backing on VidaGroove™ Slats is made with recycled PET bottles, and the panels can be 100% recycled.

Large Panel Size

VidaGroove™ Slats panels are 3000mm x 600mm.

Forêt Collection

Forêt is a revolutionary handmade flooring and wall covering marquetry.

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Opus Collection

Opus by Oscar Ono is a unique handmade wooden surface that comes completely preassembled offering a unique endless wood pattern.

Opus is an organic endless pattern obtained with just one tile. Inspired by mosaico in Venice during ancient times, hidden repetition allows an easy multi-directional application, ready to install tile by tile with seamless connection.

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