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WoodClinic Vapour Barrier

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High Performance Concrete Moisture Vapour Barrier

WoodClinic Vapour Barrier is a moisture curing polyurethane primer and surface membrane which is single component, non-flammable and solvent free. This sealer is engineered as a moisture vapor barrier for cement-based substrates including green slabs that are not subject to rising damp and have a residual humidity content up to 95% RH (ASTM F2170).

WoodClinic Vapour Barrier is a vapor barrier and does not guarantee against Hydrostatic Pressure or Rising Damp. While moisture testing may indicate acceptable moisture ranges for application of WoodClinic Vapour Barrier, it may not indicate whether Hydrostatic Pressure is present. If Hydrostatic Pressure is evident please contact your VidaSpace consultant.

Product Advantages: WoodClinic Vapour Barrier

  • is a single part system requiring no ratio mixing.
  • is rapid drying with fast recoat and job times.
  • is solvent free, odourless and is non-flammable.
  • has a very low VOC emission rate.
  • is moisture curing, meaning no activator is required.
  • has excellent adhesion to most substrates including green concrete.
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WoodClinic Vapour Barrier